Executive Committee

The primary task of the Executive Committee is to promote exchanges within the Group, in particular by monitoring and coordinating the activities of the various Working Groups. Furthermore, it leads and represents the Association vis-à-vis third parties, such as the Authorities and professional associations.

It is also the responsibility of the Executive Committee to accept new candidates and to appoint the Working Group Leaders.


Dr Birgul Cötelli, President

Jean-Christophe Caucheteux, Treasurer

Aline Fournier, Member

Maiko Guenther, Member

Isabelle Willi Habegger, Member


The auditors and deputy auditors review the annual accounts drawn up by the Board of Directors and draw up an audit report for the attention of the General Assembly (GA). They propose to the GA to accept the annual accounts or to refer them to the Board of Directors.

André Mange, Auditor

Yves Kammerer, Auditor


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